Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spotify’s US Launch: A Party in the Making

Last Friday, November 26, 2010, a big party was arranged in Sodermalm, Stockholm. As evident as it is from the title of this post, the entity behind the event couldn’t be other than Spotify AB, the buzzed streaming music service. Being lucky enough to form part of the guests, I took pleasure in going there and have the opportunity to explore the motivations behind this party. Apparently, Spotify notified that the party was supported by their close friends. These “so-called” friends were no other than big names such as Telia, Volkswagen, Phillips, Playstation, Xante and Carlsberg. Demographics of the guests comprised people of a variety of ages. The mix Spotify created in getting their guests together was incredible. Starting all the way from youth and extending up to people who live in their “MIDDLE” ages were present. They were no ordinary people! Rather, majority of them were big shots in the corporate world. I came across certain people who represented giant corporations like the Microsoft. I am certain there were plenty of representatives from other giants as well.

Spotify Ready To Hit the US? 
The organizers, Spotify AB, considered their guests to be extremely fortunate to be entertained with mini concerts. Entertainment in these concerts was provided by Shout Out Loud, Me and My Army, Oskar Linnros, Hoffmaestro and DJ Tony Zoulias. Heavy metal and rock music comprised the welcoming portion on the agenda. This was followed up by the usual music which one may virtually everywhere.

However, what motivated me to write about this party is the proximate launch of Spotify in the US. As they are getting closer to this feat, can it be considered that arranging such a party that surrounds such high profile personalities is a move on their marketing schedule? Well, strategically thinking, it can potentially be a marketing move, and a smart one! The odds are that people who attended the party are likely to carry out word-of-mouth marketing of the Spotify brand using the party as an excuse, which apparently, most people do not realize. If this is what Spotify wanted, they did one hell of a job executing it. As mentioned earlier, the guests incorporate elements of youth as well. Youth can potentially be a good source to create suspense and generate a buzz or potential conspiracies since they tend to talk a lot and establish new opinions. Having said this, it still remains very much under-cover until the actual story makes the headlines. As I write this, I realize I am carrying out marketing for Spotify brand, only unconsciously!