Friday, April 19, 2013

The Power of Words

I miss writing. Over the last couple of years, I have always felt that writing is something that goes deep inside me. It is a strong part of my character, of who I am and it is one of those personal facets which have allowed me to nourish my mental-self, nurture my psychological curiosity and partially get away from the noisy world we live in today. I have realized that expressing in this particular way lets me escape from worldly despair and look at the bright side of things. It has acted as a stimulant for me to get out of a state of stagnation and think broadly, talk wisely and act realistically. It has enriched my creativity and imagination and has translated my communication in a way which has been hard to express otherwise. As it happens to every person in this world, I have occasions in my life when my artistic avenues become dormant and my senses cease to exert efforts towards a simple and direct answer. In my intent to pursue these hidden answers, I have often experienced difficulties finding correct paths and have often relied on self intuition to yield desired outcome. I learned that by following this path, not all of my subsequent actions have taken form of success. On many occasions, I have looked back later in time to assess deficiencies in my preceding actions only to realize that the actions I undertook required greater depth, a different approach with higher amplitudes of imagination. As I entered the contemplation to vary my approach, I sought refuge in displaying my thoughts in tangible fashion so as to have a sense of direction and something to have as a reference for my subsequent actions. Scripting my thoughts has always allowed me to assess pros and cons. It is an investment of time and effort in which one can exercise intellectual curiosity in indescribable ways and unleash hidden potential. Interestingly, it is a skill which is unique to every person. Every person is blessed with a different writing style. Should people realize the benefits of scripting their thoughts, it may very likely help them diffuse their dispersed senses.

Happy writing!