Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tensions of Extensions

WHY IS IT SO HARD? Why is it so problematic? Why is it so unpredictable? Why does it swing like a pendulum? Many questions raised here yet very few answers yielded. Throughout history, nature has been teaching lessons to mankind regarding when and where they should partake in any venture. No matter what kind of venture it is, humans, the most formidable species present of the face of this planet, always tend to excel more than required. Many argue it is acceptable to display this facet on a regular basis. It is true to some extent. What many fail to realize is that overplaying can become the subject of unwanted repercussions. These repercussions can be upsetting, distressing and disappointing – to say the least. Humans have a natural tendency to overachieve in a short time. It is a way to remain preeminent and get to the long term goal by any means that, if not pursued as planned, can start to cause tensions, unwanted tensions. Tensions of Extensions!

Human capacity is fragile, it is weak, it is brittle and it can be manipulated easily. Effectively, all lessons one learns from life ought to an important lesson for prospective periods. It is essential to do a good RISK ANALYSIS of any venture. In doing so, one often anticipates certain consequences that can be quite boggling. Perhaps it is means to assess a potential future. The way humans normally go about with this is by drawing certain boundaries for themselves and attempt not to trespass them showing notions of strong willpower. However, most of the times, this will power is overshadowed by strong human sentiments, strong acquaintances, solid ties that emerge from weak ties. Happenings as such take place quite often but the human urge to think that something good will result remains a tough fallacy that transforms into something which is hard to encounter. It is one of those stages of life where one seeks answers. One often starts visioning into the future thinking something might just happen abruptly, only to realize that one immerses into a state of pure artificialness and try to believe a truth unknown. I wonder if it is plausible, I wonder if it is fair. I don’t know if it is but what I know for certain is that I am seeking answers to the tensions caused by such extensions.