Saturday, March 17, 2012

“THE UNCONFERENCE” Regresses - #TruStockholm

Have you heard about the “unconference” happening in Stockholm? Well, if you have, you are right on the money! The regression of this unconference is attributed to the success of the exact same event 12 months ago at the exact same location – Stockholm. The #tru fest is back thanks to Michelle Rea from Social Honesty and hosts/sponsors and it will be happening on March 28, 2012.

With a primary focus on employer branding, #TruStockholm will amalgamate aspects such as Recruiting, HR, Technology, Branding and anyone who works in the "people" space. At this point, I would imagine some doubts remain in the heads of certain people as in what this is all about, what an “unconference” is and what are the aims behind it. Well, here it goes:

An unconference is an event that is about conversation. Each discussion topic is hosted by a track-leader who is knowledgeable enough of a particular topic. This individual will start the conversation with the audience, provide necessary input where needed. However, the individual’s core responsibility is to make it happen and make is a networking game.

A number of tracks are on the agenda. Take a look:
  • Referral recruiting
  • Your professional reputation
  • Twitter Success Stories
  • Campus To Career 
  • Social Footprints
  • Slaying The Social Recruiting R.O.I - .B.S.
  • Technology Futures
  • Going Mobile/Successful Apps
  • The Social Recruiter
  • Case Study #truStory 
  • Branding Inside Out 
  • Community Or J.I.T.
  • The Real Cost Of Engagement
  • Moving To The Clouds 
  • Spectacular S.E.O.
  • Managing Talent
  • Recruiting Technology 
  • Candidate Experiences (from Job Seekers)
  • Global Case Studies - What works where?
  • Boolean Strings
  • Expose Yourself 
  • Future Job Board 
  • Recruiting with LinkingIn
  • The Rejection Business 
  • Compelling Content 
  • Every Picture Tells A Story 
  • Graduate Employer Brand
  • Kool New Tools
  • Secret Sourcing
  • Facebook Recruiting 
  • What is an E.V.P.?
  • Video Story 
  • Recruiting 3.0

Aim of a track – TO GET YOU ON TRACK!
Once in a track, the agenda is completely yours! You decide what you want to share and ask what you wish to ask. 3 tracks will run on an hourly basis. Once all learning avenues are consumed at a particular track, one has the possibility to move on to the next one. The event is focused 100% on learnings on the topics above and networking. Interesting facts about the event: 
1. No Presentations/PowerPoints
2.No name tags. If one wants to know someone, ask!
3. The attendees set the track objectives and content.

Hosts and Platinum Sponsors are while Gold Sponsors TweetMyJobs for making #TruStockholm possible and affordable.

Now, here’s the deal. You can keep on thinking about the learning and networking possibilities this event has to offer and exhaust all your creative thinking avenues. On the contrary, you can sign up for it and actually experience this exclusive event for real. Still thinking? Register here: