Sunday, March 13, 2011

Interactive Video "CONTENT" Usage for the Better

All those who are into social media, its evolution, its potential and what it can achieve in merely no time would be interested to know the power of compelling and interactive content and the way it has produced shifts in the educational paradigm. Far are gone the days when education used to be boring to many students; the days when students did not have real-time interactive resources to pursue their academic objectives. The situation today is altogether different. Education has become more interesting and more friendly thanks to resources outside conventional means. Exemplifying things always helps to gain a more profound understanding. 

Just recently, an excellet TED talk by Salman Khan, the founder of the Khan Academy revealed how their academy assist students to not only improve grades but also enjoy education and be more creative - their way of "REINVENTING EDUCATION". Take a look:

As I streamline this, the key takeaway from this video is how improving online content and making it more interactive can benefit all entities involved; students, teachers, content creators and the education sector on a whole.


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