Thursday, May 27, 2010

“Merely Humanistic”

(Especially dedicated to Ishrat Ali Awan)

There is so much I would like to utter. There are so many feelings and emotions bottling up inside my heart. There are so many actions I want to realize. Whilst I think about them more and more, the more I get indulged in emotions and sentiments. Sentiments get the better out of humans sometimes. This helps me appreciate the recurring reality that humans, no matter how strong they may appear to the naked eye, deep inside they are extremely fragile and are affected by the slightest of features they are exposed and subjected to. Over the last two months or so, a facet as such has started to establish a tiny little home inside me as well. Having gone through several ups and downs during the last couple of years, I believed I had become a stronger person both mentally and physically. It allowed me to undertake some wise and bold decisions. There have been circumstances where I have defied time and have accomplished what I wanted to accomplish. I realized the way to move forward with this was to think anything one wants can achieve can be achieved given the notion one goes after it with full heart. It seemed like things were poised to follow nature’s course. I am at entire harmony understanding this. However, now I understand it does not always have to pursue this particular path. When this instinct is translated to humans, thereby ruling out the nature aspect, there are certain secrecies that are unrevealed while multiple questions emerge that remain unanswered. Over the years, I achieved a thorough understanding of how humans behave, how a particular human should be handled, the type of profile that should be adopted with a person, so on and so forth. I thought I acquired significant knowledge about that already. Now I think to myself was I strayed? I have come to understand every human being is instilled with elements of fragility and feebleness, me included! This has compelled me to raise certain questions. What is it with humans? Are humans so hard to handle? What exactly do humans want and expect from one other? There are many questions I want to address. My sentiments get the better out of me and words start betraying me as I am subjected to this same syndrome that embraces fragility and feebleness as prominent symptoms. As I write this, I consider is it time to back off as I am incapable to translate this into words. I feel like it is a huge war I am participating in that lacks the grace to drive towards either victory or a letdown. The positive side is that it certainly helps to describe something rather than nothing.

Humans are a strange creation. They love to feel loved. It gives them an impression of feeling more important and more valued. As I understand, love creates a coalition between the entities in which love itself mediates. This should trigger a magnetizing behavior within the entities. It should, at least. But with humans, the generated effect seems to be working on the contrary side. The individual receiving love starts evading the individual giving it. Understanding human behavior is a complex task. Having said this, I speculate whether is it better to give love or to be loved. I presume a lot of resilience and candidness are required to understand these features. But the question is how exactly? Well, I think the ultimate answer to understanding this issue lies in clear communication, severe persistence and resolute determination among humans. It is the real deal and indeed is a very human attribute.

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