Friday, August 6, 2010

The Mysterious Scenery

There are some people who have been visiting this blog have posed a query every now and then. The scenery that appears above, no doubt, has been appreciated by many people primarily due to the sublime natural beauty it encircles, the articulateness that surrounds the plateau and the zigzagging contours that are apparent on the slopes of the mountains that enfold the lake. Well, what is the name of this place? Where is it located? People have tried to classify this panorama to lands that pertain to the marvelous Swiss landscapes, the Austrian mountainsides or the famous fjords in Norway that hold immense international fame. Nice attempts made by them but sadly, all in vain (SORRY!). As it remains a mystery, it is about to be uncovered. So, here goes the epic tale! This landscape has its home in the Kaghan Valley in the north of my beloved country, Pakistan. The name that is associated with this gorgeous and dazzling lake is “Saif Ul Muluk”.

When I was a kid, I used to hear about this lake. I came to know that there is a folklore correlated with it. It dates back to the medieval times. It was the Prince of Persia who visited this place and fell in love with Princess Badar Jamal that resided in the valley and later conquered the heart of her Princess to be. They faced numerous hardships to realize their love adventure as they faced potent repulsion from certain entities. The couple escaped and hid in a cave nearby that still exists. They lived happily ever after. (As I've heard!)

For the time being, some additional gorgeous treasures of Lake Saif Ul Muluk are right here. Enjoy!

Saif Ul Muluk in winter - covered with snow
Tourist Resthouse - absolutely eyecatching
The Kaghan Valley - Home to Jheel Saif Ul Muluk
Another view of the Tourist Resthouse 
Width and Depth. It is for real!
Heart shape symbolizing the love tale associated with the lake depicted in the folklore
Boat at a standstill obeying the often natual beauty of the lake


  1. These places are heaven on earth!!!!!!

  2. is k baad koi keh hi nhai skta k pakistan mn kch nahi ahi this is really tha preetiest heaven (sceneries) i hv ever seen on this earth!!!